Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to Play Fighty Cat: A Tutorial

Steve has invented a game with Stewart. They play it together almost every night. Stewart knows that Only Daddy plays Fighty Cat. For this, I am grateful. However, Stewart will play a much milder version of this game with the Poodles.

Steve's Steps to Playing Fighty Cat:

1. Find a Willing Cat.

When Stewart is ready to play Fighty Cat, he comes and jumps on the bed by Steve and turns his tail to Steve - and twitches it so hard that it makes a loud THUMP on the bed!

2. Human Participant must have a high tolerance for pain and the sight of blood - his own.

This was the end of Round One.

3. Irritate Cat from Step 1 until Cat turns around and bites Human Participant.

4. When Cat relaxes, repeat step 3.

5. Continue until Cat is too worn out to continue the game or Human Participant's hand is hanging by sinews.

I honestly can say, I have yet to see the appeal of Fighty Cat. But evidently Steve and Stewart enjoy it, because they play it every single night.

While Steve and Stewart were engaged in this particularly rousing game of Fighty Cat, Steve was so oblivious to the fact that he was receiving a pedicure - complete with "clear coat." Gee, thanks, Morgan.

This is in the middle of playing Fighty Cat. He knows when to turn it off and when to turn it on.

That doesn't look like a Fighty Cat to me!


Teeny said...

I have a friend that claims cats are good for only one thing...skeet! LOL - if I had a cat that did this to my hand every night I might tend to agree with hime!

Ginger said...

I did say I didn't understand the appeal of the game. I would have to trim his tail off behind his ears if he did that to me. But Steve urges him on! He loves to play this weird game! My husband needs therapy.

Junebug said...

Oh no, you tell Steve that I play this game with my cat every single day. I have scratches and blood oozing to prove it. I love it. I just wish I had thicker skin and maybe a sharp claw or two so it would be more fair. My little cat doesn't know how to turn it off so well though. But oh the joy I get from this game. It helps me to keep from pestering anyone else in the family, I think. 'Cause I got this natural born instinct to like to wrestle and play and perhaps pester someone. My husband wouldn't appreciate it though. You know how when you walk past someone with bare feet and you want to tickle them? I used to find that irristable but I stopped after I discovered how much some people don't like that. I can control myself! ha ha. But now with the cat, she loves it. She always pays me back. We also play hide and seek. Quite fun!

De'Etta said...


Jodi said...

Ouch, ouch, ouch, I would opt out of that game too!