Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's A Kitchen!!!

The cabinet guys came today to install all the cabinets, including the uppers! It looks more like a kitchen than a construction site! (Okay, kinda still like a construction site, but not QUITE so much so.) I know all these kitchen cabinet photos are boring for a lot of people, but I'm excited and it's my blog. Ha!

The view from the breakfast area. The unfinished thing in the foreground is the peninsula that will have a little bumped up eat-at bar. The cabinet maker didn't want to make the hickory panels for this until it was all put together, so the measurements would be exact and he wouldn't ruin a bunch of hickory for a 1/4" error.

Empty space is for my double oven. The uppers on this side will have seeded glass, which will go in after we stain and poly the cabinets.

This cabinet that goes all the way down on the right is my "baking center." It was made specifically to house my KitchenAid mixer - there is an electrical outlet in there. All my flour/sugar/baking stuff will go into this cupboard above the mixer. I'm definitely a "step saver" in the kitchen if at all possible. (In this house, it's not possible. My KitchenAid is right next to my 12x12 paper trimmer. Yes, awkward I know.)

Here's the little door opened. It has a small piano hinge. If the door would have simply opened out, it would hit the trim for the cased opening into the dining room. To have it slide in near the wall would be a lot of trouble. I didn't want a tambour door. I had a little hinged door like this at our other house, although it wasn't a space tall enough for my mixer.

The view of the peninsula from the kitchen - and a view of The Headless Husband. Muhahahahaha! The cabinet with no door on the right will have a pull out trash receptacle. But, like the pull-out spice drawers, it'll be put together after the staining.

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Cynthia said...

KEWL! I can't even begin to imagine all one needs to think about before ordering cabinets.