Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Poor Abrial

The other day, while I was at the new house painting, I left the girls with instructions for tidying and dishes and laundry. Brooke's task was to pick up the living room. Imagine my amazement when I walked in to get the girls for the barn and found Brooke not cleaning the living room, but GROOMING Abrial in the middle of the living room! Yikes! There was black hair EVERYWHERE! This is what Brooke started with....

and this is what Abrial looked like at the end of the grooming session.

Now, I must admit that, for a first time, she didn't do a completely awful job. But I almost died when I saw she had shaved her ears. I like long ears.
And a shaved face rather than a moustache. Mainly because, on a black dog, it tends to "brown out" from staying moist from the water bowl.

So tonight I did "damage control." There wasn't much left to work with. Mainly I scissored her topknot, bathed her, and plucked her ear hair.

Here's what she looks like now. Boy, I hope we aren't in for a cold front!


Teeny said...

hysterically laughing over here...reminds me of the time Teeny groomed O'mally. We referred to him as the Wiffle-dog for a year! LOL!!!!

Ginger said...

Wiffle Dog! That's hilarious!!!

I teased Brooke that it looked like she used a Weed-Eater. Poor Abrial!

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh.. is Abrial embarassed or does she not care?

Junebug said...

That is kinda sad...I took my daughter's shitzu to get his first haircut a few years ago. I left him there and asked for a teddy bear cut and please leave some hair around his eyes and his ears long. Oh my when I returned! They said, "Here's your dog." I looked around and did not see my dog. I saw something that did not even resemble the dog I took in there. I said,"Where?" "Right there," pointing to a dog that was shaved completely of any hair, so sleek and slick, I couldn't believe it. He even had bows on his head. He's a boy. I paid and left without saying anything. I was horrified and so was my daughter. We were so glad when his hair started growing again. Well, they meant well and so did Brooke. It grows back. All's well. :D

Ginger said...

Jennifer, I think Abrial was a bit embarrassed at first. But now I think she's enjoying feeling "light!"

Junebug, that is hilarious about your Shih Tzu! I cannot believe they completely shaved him! That's horrible! Poor little guy.

You are right, though. It is hair and hair will always grow.