Friday, February 29, 2008


We heard today was LEAP Day! Poodles love LEAPING and we are so glad to see they finally dedicated an entire day for it! So, in honor of LEAP Day, we did lots of LEAPING!

We LEAPED into the Suburban to ride over to the new house, then we LEAPED out.

We LEAPED over lumber, then LEAPED across the thresh hold into the house.

We LEAPED all over Brooke, who decided to eat her lunch where Mommy's ovens are going to live one day.

We LEAPED from one room to the other, watching for Strangers LEAPING On Trampolines and Squirrels LEAPING from Branch to Branch, and watching Mommy and Brooke clean.

Cosette LEAPED up on the new cabinets in the Poodle Grooming Room.

We sniffed at the supply shelves and in the shower, but we didn't leap there. We were afraid of a bath.

We LEAPED out of the Poodle Room and LEAPED across the backyard to bark at the Growling Neighbor Dog.

Then we LEAPED back into the Suburban and LEAPED out when we got home! Whew! We're tired from all that LEAPING! So Cosette and Abrial LEAPED into their crates and Delilah LEAPED up on the sofa for naps.

We sure celebrated LEAP Day in high form, dontcha think?


Debbie said...

Great post, Ginger! Your "girls" really look like they enjoyed their Leap Day.

Jodi said...

Fun post. Your poodles look like they were being so helpful!

Cynthia said...

HILARIOUS! I'm looking for house updates and I have lots of questions incase we decide to build instead of buy. So, I'll email you privately one of these days.