Friday, February 15, 2008

The Many Faces of Cosette

It's Cosette here again. I love this blogging thing. Especially when Mommy puts pictures of ME on it!

My handsome dreamboat boyfriend online blog buddy, Remy was making some funny faces on his Valentine's blog and I thought I'd do some funny faces my very own self.

Here I am making a pirate face. "Arrgh! Ahoy, Matey!" Heeheehee. I can do a Mad Dog face, too, but I usually get excited and run when I do Mad Dog, so Mommy couldn't catch me with the camera.

Here's my lovely profile, complete with a fancily curled tongue. I did that special, just for you, blog readers!

Now, here's a side of me that is not often photographed! My Mommy loves my tail. The vet who docked my tail did a great job, she said. He left it nice and long and it's quite straight. Mommy usually lets it grow out into a big, fluffy plume, but since she cut me short, a big, fluffy plume would look weird, so she trimmed my tail a bit. It's still fluffy.

And when I'm happy, my tail wags FAST!!! Mommy says it's like having a fan that cools you off!'s moving so fast, the camera couldn't even catch it!

Here is where I keep my toys. Would you like to play with one? A bone, perhaps, or a stuffed teddy bear?

Delilah doesn't play with toys other than her favorite pink squeaky bone, but she does take them to Mommy's bedroom at night and lays them at the end of the bed. In the morning, Abrial goes and gets them and brings them back to the living room.

Here's me and Delilah with Delilah's favorite toy. Don't try to take it, though. Delilah will growl at you! Trust me on this one!

Here's Brooke giving me an ear massage. I love rough ear massages. They make me moan and groan in a happy way.

Whew! All this blogging is making me sleepy! Did you know Standard Poodles are lap dogs? Well, they are!


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Luc & Remy said...

Cosette, this is Remy. You made some really funny faces .... and you're so beautiful. *blush* I think I would like to be your boyfriend.

I'm kind of hoping you don't read today's blog ... I'm sort of embarrassed now that I had on jewelry.