Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cat Wrestling, Stewart-Style

While Libby has semi-tolerated the new kitten, Kallie (okay, hissing and growling every time Kallie looks at her - is that semi-tolerant?), Stewart has actively enjoyed playing with her.

It is funny how he has learned how to play gently with her and she always comes back for more. Kallie simply adores Stewart.

Today they were wrestling in the hallway. First Kallie attempts to "sneak up" on Stewart.

Okay, he looks like he is about to bite a hunk out of her in this photo, he really isn't. I promise. And, no, that's not a sock on my floor. Why do you ask? It's a....a....it's a cat toy. Yeah, that's it! A cat toy!

And the cord in the upper right of these pictures is for an obviously unused vacuum that someone has used as a prop so people will THINK we clean house.

Note how in this photo, Stewart has just pinned Kallie with one paw. And he's looking away, as if to say, "No, I don't know anything about Kallie being in a head lock. Why would you ask?"

Look at the position of Kallie's feet! She is going for the "kangaroo kick" to poor Stewart's lower jaw. He still has her in a head lock.

Actually, when Kallie is in the bathroom during times when we can't supervise her (because of the dogs, who don't realize they are a million times larger than Kallie), she and Stewart will play footsies under the door. Or is it pawsies?

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Dorothy said...

It's amazing how tolerant older cats can be of kittens, isn't it?