Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Warning! Major Cuteness Ahead!

Kallie is just adorable! Cosette is still enamored! Kallie thinks Cosette is the perfect partner for the new game Stewart taught her - Fighty Cat!!!

One of her rare quiet moments. She is usually full of "wiggle and squirm."

She thinks Stewart is just wonderful and loves playing with him! She is doing the Limbo with Stewart here!

And she just loves playing with tails! Stewart's tail is very twitchy and fun to chase.

But Cosette's Perpetually Wagging Flag of Fluff is the most fun to play with and would probably rank as Kallie's favorite plaything.

She jumps and pounces and bats at Cosette's tail - and Cosette just gets more excited and wags her tail even faster.....

...which makes the game even more fun for Kallie!

With animals, who needs television?


Kassiah said...

With Cosette's frizzy hair, I am beginning to think she is related to me LOL I made six cards today, they are posted on my blog.

Jennifer said...

That is sooo cute!!! Is Cosette really gentle with her?

Ginger said...

Cosette tries very hard to be gentle. She is so big, though, and doesn't realize when she starts to get rough, so I still supervise all activity. Kallie is still staing in the bathroom when we are not watching her. She is still tiny, although MUCH bigger than when she came, but she is still too small to hop into the regular litter box!