Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Virtual Hostess Club

Because we are trying like anything to finish this house, the thought of getting ready for the last Hostess Club of the Stampin' Up! year was just overwhelming. So I decided to have a Virtual Hostess Club.

We don't have a hostess for this month, so we'll draw for two mystery hostesses. Each member gets their name in the drawing for placing their order on time and they get another chance for each project they complete and email me the proof. I'll be posting everyone's pictures here on my blog so all the members of the Hostess Club can see!

My friend, Elen, is on the ball and is first! She started a scrapbook page at one of the previous Hostess Club meetings and just finished the second page.

Then she made this cute card! What a super job, Elen! Thanks for your submissions! Keep them coming!!!


Kassiah said...

Great Job on Elen's, I especially LOVE the card :) I posted mine on my blog and will be posting more tomorrow. Mine is a diorama card LOL

Teeny said...

HAHAHAHA - thanks for not mentioning the fact that the pictures were 15 years old! :-P I'm just a touch behind :-D

Ginger said...

I won't mention your 15 year old pictures if you don't mention my 20 year old ones!!! :^D