Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a Busy Bunch of Gals!

So far this Virtual Hostess Club thing has gone very well! I'm amazed at all the projects "my girls" have completed! Here are the submissions from Thursday:

From Mary.....

I'm especially loving those die-cut spiders hanging by little threads! Too cute!

From Elen....

Sorry the pictures are so small. Elen couldn't figure out why they came through small and I couldn't figure out how to resize them. The "Across America" page uses brads and DMC floss to trace their three-week trip around the US. What a neat idea!

And Kassiah was working on a card when I talked to her a little while ago. I'm sure it'll be cute!

Keep it up, girls! I'm loving seeing your ideas!

**Edited** As expected, as soon as I posted this, Kassiah finished her card! Adorable! You are sending this to me, right Kassiah?

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Kassiah said...

I love Mary's and I love Elen's. Oh and did I mention that I love Heather's too? Geez, I am glad this mystery hostess thing isn't based on the actual projects! Check out my blog, I just posted submission number 8!