Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Virtual Hostess Club

For more information on what is going on with the Virtual Hostess Club, read here.

Not to be one-upped by Elen, who got the first projects turned in, Heather jumps in with a bunch of entries!

Kassiah was not to be outdone. She jumped in with the "complicated project" factor! She made a diorama card! Precious and adorable, but multiple attempts to "lift" the picture from her blog to mine have been unsuccessful, so you'll have to just visit Kassiah's Blog to see if for yourself!

*Edited to say Kassiah emailed me pictures, not only of her diorama card, but of six other cards she made today! So I was able to add them below! Boy, Kassiah has been on the ball!!! And she plans on making more tomorrow - she already has leftovers set aside for supper!!! Visit her blog, though, to find directions for the diorama card!

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