Monday, July 14, 2008

"I Am Pout"

(Okay, who knows what book the above phrase is quoted from? Extra points for the person who guesses! And no fair Googling it, either!)

Today Steve had a hospital meeting in New Orleans. While he went to his meeting, I drove to Mississippi to see my Dad, stepmom Orlene, and brother, who just arrived home from China. I haven't seen Orlene and Freddie since November - Dad since May 2007!

While I was there, my sister Anna came by as well. I'm the oldest - Anna is the second girl, and third child. Brooke snapped a picture of "us big girls" and Dad.

Dad rapidly slid into "silly." We'll blame it on jet lag. This time. :::grin:::

So we decided to all be silly. We decided to be "pout." Don't we do a good pout?

Morgan can do a good one as well. You can tell she has practiced a lot.

Orlene, on the other hand, is obvious NOT "pout." She's almost always cheerful and smiling. It's okay. We love her anyway.

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