Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Happenings

We had an Adventure today! We got to go to the New House and sit on the Porch to watch.....

Daddy on the Roaring Tractor! Mommy said he's smoothing the ground for the driveway. We don't know why they need a driveway. What's wrong with running through the mud?

We think he enjoys playing Tractor Man!

Here's a picture of the backsplash in Mommy's Kitchen. She says the under cabinet lights and the stovetop will be installed tomorrow.

The cabinet maker came and put Mommy's seeded glass in the cabinet doors.

We like seeded glass! It looks like raindrops on the window, which is good for licking! Only these are too high. I don't think Mommy would let us lick these cabinets, though.

We don't know why the bathtub is not here. Cosette looked and looked. We know we've seen it before, but some Person must have moved it. It wasn't us!

Now we're going to let Mommy say something. It's about scrapbooking and we don't know anything about that.

Ginger here. I'm still getting pictures of projects for the Virtual Hostess Club! My gals have had quite a busy week with all the scrappin' and stampin'! I've been so tickled to see all they have done. Here are some projects from Heather.

Just a few more days, so keep up the good work, ladies!


Stephanie said...

Wow I love your cabinets! Beautiful! (So are the layouts, but the cabinets struck me as we're talking house things around here. lol)

Southern Belle said...

Your house is coming around beautifully! Your pups on the front porch are adorable! Glad you were able to visit with your family! I know you are getting excited!