Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just Another Day at the Office

Brooke has a job taking care of horses while their owners are on vacation. She has worked for this one family for over a year, caring for their three horses.

She loves this barn. It's small, but tidy. In addition to feeding the horses, letting them in and out of the pasture during the day, and cleaning their stalls, there is a koi pond and she must feed the fish and clean their filter. She feeds and waters the barn kitties and checks on the automatic feed bin for the dogs and checks their water. And takes pictures of all her charges.

I am so proud of Brooke for having such a wonderful work ethic. She makes sure she leave the barn even cleaner than she found it. She not only feeds the horses, but brushes them as well. She cares for them as she does her own. In this day and age, when so many young people don't want to work, Brooke laments the fact that she is so limited in her job opportunities. She has had a job taking care of other people's horses since right before she turned eleven.

I'm very proud of my responsible young lady. Keep up the good work, Brookie!

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