Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You Butter Fly Away

Brooke's lantana have grown quite large. She planted them last year and they have done quite well and even came back after the winter. The largest is about 5' tall and almost as wide. And it was full of blooms.

It attracted some pretty butterflies, but I have been unable to catch them on film. This big guy liked the lantana more than he was bothered by me.

I love the shot where his wings are just a blur. He wouldn't keep still or pose nicely. But that was okay.

He finally decided he had enough of modeling and decided to fly away.


Cynthia said...

Pretty! I didn't know you had a young gardener at your house. Perhaps you could send her here for a week. I could use some help (LOL)!

Ginger said...

Brooke loves to play in the dirt and has quite a few plans for the new house. I'm sure she'd love to go to Montana to garden! But she comes with Honeybee and Libby. :^D

Teeny said...

looks great...tell her to come and get some cuttings for your new place! I still have ginger, crate myrtles, and other items waiting!!!

Ginger said...

Sounds great, Elen!!! Sharing plants is almost as much fun as sharing chocolate!