Saturday, July 5, 2008

Need a Shower?

We finally have one....

Guest shower

or two.

Steve's shower

And a tub as well! Okay, so there is no tub. They had to take it out to tile the deck. So until this is grouted, the tub is hanging out in the bedroom. Whatever works.

The tile company shorted us the decorative tiles for the girls' tub surround (same tile as in the guest bath) and it will be in next Tuesday, so everything should be finished Wednesday. At least as far as the tile goes.


Cynthia said...

HEY! It looks like you're just about ready for me to come visit!

Ginger said...

Just about! But you'd probably appreciate a little furniture. Unless you are bringing a folding chair and an AeroBed! :^)

Kassiah said...

Ummm I hate to correct you on your blog and all, but that isn't the guest room...remember?!?

Ginger said...


:::Shhh::: You don't want your family to get suspicious and actually FIND you, do you?

I was trying to keep it on the quiet!

Teeny said...

the tile is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wait is definitely worth it. You'll have the prettiest house ever!